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Taqwa-The foundation of Islam


“Taqwa” is an Arabic term that is difficult to translate into any English word. We may translate it to terms like piety, righteousness, and Allah’s fear, among others. Those who engage in the spiritual discipline of taqwaa are referred to as Muttaqin. In the words of Ibn Abbas, taaqwa followers are “believers who avoid shirk with Allah and who work in His obedience.”

What is Taqwa?

The Islamic concept of taqwa has been translated into English as “awareness of God” by a number of Islamic teachers. It may be understood and translated in a variety of other ways. Piety, love of God, fear of God, and self-control are all possible meanings of the Arabic word taqwa.

So, Taqwa has been defined in a variety of ways by different Islamic teachers. “From the fulfillment of taqwa is that the servant feared from His Lord even with respect to things, the weight of an atom,” stated Hazrat Abu Darda R.A. Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah offered a definition and explanation that is considered to be among the most comprehensive ones. Taqwaa, according to what he says, “means performing all that Allah has commanded whether it is wajib (obligatory) or mustahabb (preferred), and avoiding everything that He has prohibited, whether it is haraam (forbidden) or makruh (disliked).”
As a result, taqwa is a mentality that a believer cultivates in order to demonstrate his submission to Allah SWT and to shape himself or herself in such a way as to win Allah SWT’s satisfaction. So, Taqwaa is related to a filter in that it blocks out desires and actions. That isn’t necessary and only lets us through the actions that Allah wants us to do.

Qurani Ayats related to Taqwa

This is the Book! There is no doubt about it—a guide for those mindful ˹of Allah˺,

Holy Quran[2:2]

In Surah Yunus Allah said,

(O mankind! There has come to you good advice from your Lord, and a healing for that which is in your breasts (disease of ignorance, doubt, hypocrisy, and differences), a guidance and a mercy for the believers
So, Taqwa refers to having a healthy fear of Allah in all of our daily activities. Taqwa is to have the awareness that Allah is observing us and that we are accountable for every action that we do. This awareness will keep us on the correct road. In the cold winter months, it is taqwa that motivates a believer to get out of bed and pray first thing in the morning. In point of fact, Taqwaa is the motivation behind every act of devotion and rite that is performed. Allah has a desire for his followers to increase their taqwaa. Which is thinking about his pleasure and displeasure in whatever they do.

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