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Frequently Ask Questions

Who we are?

We are the Al-Mustakeem online Quran institute, which provides online Quran study facilities to students who want to learn the Quran. As Muslims, it is our primary responsibility to teach the Quran. Students who reside in nations where instructors do not have access to a variety of facilities are provided with the corresponding resources. Therefore, our objective is to provide our Quran experience to those who want to study the Quran. 

How I can register?

Please provide us with your registration information from any of the accessible resources, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and the Contact Us form. We will contact you by phone or email soon. The response period for registrations and inquiries is 24 hours. Our devoted Tech Department will help you with app installation and offer a free live demonstration of how it functions. There is no fee for registration or admission. You get a one-week free trial, enabling you to evaluate our services. You may pay a nominal fee according to the class schedule after the free trial, but you cannot provide credit card information during the trial.

You have Female Quran Teachers?

Yes, we have highly educated and well-trained female Quran instructors worldwide for children and adults, since the majority of sisters and daughters do not prefer to attend lessons with male teachers and cannot address gender-related matters with them. They are qualified and highly rated teachers.

When I take online classes?

At, Almustakeem, our instructors are responsible and accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you may choose the time and day of your FREE Trials and regular sessions. We give importance to your choice.

If i am not familiar with computer?

For these classes, you don’t need any experience with computers. Our tutors will help you with the basics of installing software. You can easily get to your classes in two minutes.

What is the fee structure?

Almustakeem online Quran institute is not involved in this field for earning money only. For this Religion action, we are strongly urged to work and teach people the Quran for the the only aim of assisting Muslims in learning the Quran. Basic pricing structures are listed on the internet, and students who cannot afford them may contact us directly by Whatsapp.

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