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If you want to learn the Namaz then we can teach you how you can offer Namaz. Namaz is the Pillar of Islam.

Namaz is one of Islam’s foundations. It is important for every Muslim in the world to learn Namaz. Learning and praying the Namaz five times a day helps you feel happy. Namaz is the most important in Muslim life. Muslims offer prayer 5 times a day.

Salaah is the direct communication with Allah. The purpose of the Salaah is to thanks, Allah. When Muslims offer namaz then they are far away from sin. They think before doing any sin if they offer prayers

There are seven conditions for a salaat to be corrected.
1-Niyyat (intention)
2-Tahrima (To say Allah Akbar)
3-Qiyam (Standing)
4-Qiraat (Recitation of Quran by mouth gently)
5-Ruku (To bow)
6-Sajda (Prostration)
7-Qa’da-i- Akhira (Last sitting)