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Tajuma and Tafseer

Tajuma and Tafseer

If you want to learn the Quran then you must understand the meanings what ALLAH is telling to their men with proper tarjuma and tafseer

Holy Quran is deep as well as a unique book that contains many lessons to guide human beings for the rest of their lives and its teachings ensure that the one who follows it would have a prosperous life in this world and for the next world. Quran has been written in completely classical Arabic that is a bit different from the traditional language, which is why a person who wishes to learn the Quran is necessary to learn the Tajweed too.

 Tajweed is basically the grammar of the Quran and to learn the complete pronunciation of the words as well as of the letters of the Holy Quran. Traditional Arabic is a bit easy from the classical Arabic so it’s easy for the people to learn it for daily use but classical Arabic needs special skills and expertise as well as special classes to learn it. If any word is pronounced wrong, the entire meaning of the word as well as the sentence is changed in Arabic. 

To help in Tajweed and to get complete learning and knowledge of Arabic, it is necessary that Tajweed should be learned from a proper institute under the guidance of a teacher or scholar or teacher who has the complete expertise in Arabic and of Holy Quran.

Learning through professional lets you know the solution about the problems which are faced by the Muslims and especially for those Muslims who live in western countries and face religious issues.