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Nisab based on different Countries


Nisab is the minimal amount of money a Muslim must possess to become eligible to give Zakat, an obligatory form of charity. This requirement comes from the religion of Islam. It is computed using the value of silver or gold, and its value may change depending on the currency being used and the value of these metals on the market at the time. The Nisab amount is typically revised once every year to take into account developments in the market.

Since it is a religious requirement for Muslims to share some of their money with those who are less fortunate, the Nisab system is designed to guarantee that individuals who can fulfill their commitment to pay Zakat do so. So, the Nisab contributes to fulfilling its mission to ensure that people in genuine need can receive the benefits of the charity by imposing a minimum requirement for the payment of Zakat. So, it is essential to note that Nisab is not only an obligation for individuals; it is also essential for Islamic financial institutions such as Islamic banks and charities, as these organizations also have to calculate their Zakat obligations based on their own Nisab amounts. It is important to note that Nisab is not just an obligation for individuals because it is also essential for Islamic financial institutions.

Ultimately, the notion of Nisab plays a significant part in ensuring that Zakat is distributed in a way. That is both just and effective and sent to those in the greatest need of it. Without further ado, let’s look at the Nisab for various nations based on the value of their currency compared to the value of silver.

Nisab in Pakistan

So, the value of one Nisab, measured in Pakistani rupees, relative to one ounce of silver in 2023 is roughly PKR 114,790.

America (United States)
According to the price of silver, the Nisab in the United States is somewhere in the neighborhood of USD 412.05. Because the price of silver is always going up and down, this total might go up or down.

Kingdom of England
The Nisaab value in the United Kingdom for the quantity above silver or an amount of money compared to that value is roughly 340.29 British Pounds.

So, the current value of the Nisab in Canada is roughly 566.34 Canadian Dollars. However, this number fluctuates depending on the price of silver on the market.

Eurozone Countries
In the nations that use the Euro currency. The amount of Nisab that must be held to be eligible to offer Zakat in 2023 is roughly 384.56 EUR.


So, the quantity of silver described above has a Nisab value in Sweden that is equivalent to roughly 4,375.40 Swedish Krona.

The Nisab value for the quantity above silver in Poland for 2023 is about 1,795.04 Polish New Zloty.

The Nisaab for 2023 in our nation is set at HUF 146,655.45. And if you reside in Hungary and wish to donate Zakat, you must meet this requirement.

So, the value of one Nisab, measured against the quantity above silver, comes to about 2,860.70 DKK (Danish Krone).

According to the current value of silver on the market the Nisab value. Which determines whether or not you are required to pay Zakat in Norway, which is roughly 4,337.39 Norwegian Krone (NOK). However, this value is subject to change.

According to the current price of silver, the Nisaab in the year 2023 is roughly equivalent to the sum of JPY 55,389.05 for inhabitants of Japan.

So, if an Indian’s annual income exceeds the Nisab level. Which is currently calculated to be around INR 33,756.78 (based on the price of silver), they must pay the Zakat tax.


The Nisab for 2023 in China is roughly equal to 2,842.87 CNY. The fluctuating value of silver on the market may shift occasionally.

If Russian Muslims intend to pay Zakat in 2023, their Nisab value is around 31,125.99 RUB.

According to the price of silver around the globe as of right now, the Nisaab for the year 2023 in this nation in Central Asia is roughly KZT 184,908.70.

The value of one nisaab in Nepal in 2023 is about equivalent to NPR 53,532.47.

So, the Nisab, which determines whether or not a person is required to pay Zakat in Bangladesh in 2023, is roughly 43,224.49 Bangladeshi Taka (BD

So, in 2023, the Nisab will be around 621.17 Australian Dollars for Muslims who reside in Australia.

Saudi Arabia

So, according to the current price of silver, the Nisab level must be met to pay Zakat. In the year 2023 in Saudi Arabia is SAR 1,546.60.

To be eligible to pay Zakat in 2023, a Qatari Muslim must have a minimum wealth. Of unused money or silver of about 1,500.28 QAR. This amount is based on the Qatari riyal.

According to the current price of silver, the Nisab in Nigeria for 2023 will be roughly NGN 189,758.14 (NGN).

In 2023, Egyptian Muslims will be required to pay Zakat. If they own more than 12,749.35 Egyptian Pounds (EGP) or a quantity of silver comparable to this sum.

It is essential to remember that the Nisab barrier could shift depending on the price of silver on the market. So, to guarantee the correct calculation and payment of Zakat. It is strongly advised to confer with a respected religious authority and make use of a reputable Zakat calculator.

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