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Zakat: The third pillar of Islam


So, Zakat is the third Pillar of Islam. One’s obligation to care for others is established in the practice of zakat. Which is seen as an integral element of one’s worship of Allah. In accordance with Islamic law, Muslims are required to pay a tax known as zakat. On their wealth to benefit the poorest members of society as a whole. Two and a half percent of one’s disposable income after all debts and living expenditures have been paid.

What is zakat?

So, Muslims are required by Allah to make a yearly donation of a certain percentage of their wealth (known as zakat) to charity. So, the poor, helpless, and worthy get it because it is their God-given due. To this day, Zakaat remains one of Islam’s most basic tenets, having been established by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Who Receives Zakat?

So, Allah specifies in the Quran eight groups of persons to whom Muslims must give Zakat.

  • The poor – people who have no wealth or income
  • The needy – people who have no assets and whose income doesn’t cover their basic needs
  • The traveler
  • People employed to administer Zakat funds
  • New Muslims
  • People in bondage
  • People in debt
  • Spent in the cause of Allah

What is Nisab?

So, the value of Nisab for zakat is based on how much gold, silver, cash/property you own right now.

  • 7.5 tola of Gold or the same price as the gold.
  • 52.5 tola of Silver or the same price as the silver.

Importance of Zakaat

More than eighty times, the Quran emphasizes the significance of zakat. So, one must be truthful and accurate in their calculations and contributions. So, their unwavering devotion to Allah ultimately leads them to the one and only truth. To put it simply, it plays a crucial role in preventing anarchy and restoring respectability in society. So, in addition, problems like slavery, exploitation, and crime disappear when income is distributed equitably between the affluent and the poor. Essentially, the goal of this yearly giving tradition is to spread love and harmony among Muslims all around the globe in the name of Allah.


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