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Charity – How to give charity?


This article from the Almazhar Quran Academy will discuss the value of charity. Giving charity is seen in Islam as an act of goodness and proof of one’s Iman, or religion. If you give liberally, your Iman (faith) will expand, and you may then anticipate Allah’s rewards in this life and the next. Giving charity away doesn’t make one poorer; on the contrary, it makes one more valuable since it’s a good deed. The importance of charitable giving is emphasized throughout the Qur’an (Islam’s holy book) and various hadiths. Muslims value charitable giving and consider everything to be Allah’s property. They must thus distribute what they have to others who are less fortunate. Islam divides charitable giving into three kinds.

  1. Zakat
  2. Sadaqa
  3. Waqf

Islam urges its followers to help others by giving to those in need as a way of life. In addition to prayer, the Quran regularly emphasizes generosity as a characteristic of true believers. Furthermore, the term “regular charity” is used often throughout the Quran, suggesting that generosity should be an ongoing practice rather than a one-time gesture for a particular cause. Being charitable should be ingrained in who you are as a Muslim.

A number of ways to give charity

One of the finest things we can do to improve our spirituality and become closer to God is to give to others. You have a variety of alternatives as a Muslim to fulfill your duty to give to charity.

Muslims are required by Islam to give alms to the poor. For example, the charity Foundation enables you to give money right away to a hungry or homeless person or a family in need. We should be more concerned with sharing the benefits that Allah has given us.

Giving money is a crucial kind of charity since it has an immediate impact. The funds will be used to buy food, which will significantly reduce global hunger. Additionally, you may buy supplies for less disadvantaged kids, such as clothes or school supplies.

Some persons may not be able to make financial donations to charity. However, time is a gift that every one of us has been given. A great method to assist others is to volunteer your time. Spending a few hours at a local mosque, community center, nonprofit, charity, or school is a wonderful opportunity to help others while simultaneously boosting our faith in Allah and our compassion for others.

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