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A holy water known as Zamzam can be found in the Masjid Haram, about twenty meters to the east of the Kaba. Even though this well is used on a daily basis for the extraction of thousands of gallons of Zaamzam water, it is self-replenishing, and its level is restored in a very short period of time. The reverence that is due to this water is attested to in a vast number of hadiths.

History of Zamzam water.

When Hazrat Ibrahim a.s entered the valley of Mecca. He took his beloved son Ismael a.s with him, but he left his mother Hajra (Hagar) a.s behind. Mecca was a dry valley back then, surrounded by many minor rocky mountains on both sides. Because Hazrat Ismael a.s was still a little child at the time and because he cried about being thirsty, his mother Hajra a.s went in search of water.

She searched the ridgetop in every direction seeking a place where she might get her tiny child some water. When Hazrat Ismael, who was facing thirst, brushed his heels on the ground. Water suddenly began to emerge from the ground. The water began to pour on the ground, and Hazrat Hajra built a tiny boundary by piling sand around the spring. Because of this barrier, the spring was given the name Zamzam.

According to the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, there are manners about the use of Zamzam water.

  1. There are hadiths that claim the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) drank this water while on his feet.
Ibn ‘Abbas reported: I served (water from) Zamzam to Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him), and he drank while standing, and he asked for it while he was near the House (i. e. House of Allah-Ka’ba).
Sahih Muslim [Book 023, Hadith 5026]
  1. We should say bismillah before drinking Zamzam water.
  2. We should finish drinking Zamzam water in three breaths.
  3. Before and after consuming a glass of water. One should recite the following dua as instructed by Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him:
O Allah, I seek beneficial knowledge, wide sustenance, and cure from all ailments from You.
Hisnul Hasin
  1. We should say Alhamdulillah after drinking the holy water.

The Benefits of Zamzam Water

  • Since it was the sunnah of Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon Him that those who performed Hajj or Umra in the Holy Mosque should drink water from the Zamzam well, it is strongly advised that they do so.
  • Zamzam water may also be utilized as a medicine due to its medicinal effects.
  • There is a history that Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him transported Zamzam to Medina in water skins and pitchers.
  • He instructed the ill to consume the water after sprinkling it on them. Zamzam water is beneficial to health since it includes essential minerals (Baihaqi).

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