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Yajooj Majooj in the Holy Quran

yajooj majooj

Many horrifying and brutal events that took place in the past have been told. Many countries were authoritarian and irrational when Allah Almighty sent someone to stop tyranny. Gog and Magog (Yajooj Majooj), one of the well-known tales, is one of them. Yajoj Majooj gained popularity as a result of their brutality and barbarism.

Yajooj Majooj: Who Are They?

The Yajooj Majooj were human creatures who exhibited extreme brutality and violence. They also wrecked the Turks’ crops and caused chaos in their lives. Their heinousness had no boundaries. They terrorized the area and wiped out several Turkic tribes. They passed through the mountain’s opening from which they had emerged and left the locals in a terrible situation.

What date will Yajooj Majooj be released?

“And when the promise of Allah approaches (Doomsday), he will level it (the barrier) to dust”. [Quran18:98]

There are millions and billions of Yajooj and Majooj. Yajooj and Majooj are daily working on the wall, according to a narration of Hazrat Abu Huraira (R.A.). Their captain urges them to go to bed so they can finish the digging by tomorrow after they have dug a spherical hole in the wall through which they can see the light. However, when they awaken the next morning, Allah has restored it to its original place. This will continue until Allah wills their release, at which point they will declare, “We’ll carry on tomorrow.” They will discover the wall in the same condition as when they left it the day before, In Sha Allah (If Allah wills).

When Hazrat Isa (AS) arrives.

Hazrat Isa (A.S) would get revelation from Allah directing him to lead my supporters to Mount Tur. Majooj and Yajooj will destabilize the global ecology. They will obliterate all food and water sources and kill millions of people. In response to the prayers of Hazrat Isa and his disciples, Allah would create an insect in the necks of Yajoj and Majoj. The Yajooj and Majoj tribes will be wiped out, however, and peace will return.


A renowned and powerful Muslim ruler, Zulqarnain. He was the guy whom Allah adored, and He sent him for the sake of Muslims.

It is written in Surah Al Kahf that while journeying, Zulqarnain came across the mountain where Yajooj and Majooj had created an unfavorable atmosphere. To defeat Yajooj and Majoj, the Turks implored him for assistance. Zulqarnain constructed a massive, sturdy wall between them by filling the space with molten iron. When Yajoj and Majoj were besieged behind it, He released the Turks from their destruction. Zulqarnain then remarked that it had occurred by Allah’s compassion and predicted that Yajooj and Majooj would tear down the wall when the day of judgment drew closer. Because Allah wants it to happen, it will.

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