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Surah Yasin – Heart of Quran

surah yasin

The Quran is a miraculous book filled with countless gifts. The Quran provides answers to issues with religion, morality, ethics, society, and the individual. Every word you read in the Qur’an has a reward, but there are particularly revered surahs that have extra significance and rewards. Surah Yasin is one of those most significant surahs. The renown and holiness of this surah are attested to by a number of hadiths related to the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon Him, which you can read about in the verses that follow.

Surah Yasin – Heart of the Quran

Prophet Mohammed called surah Yasin “The heart of Quran”:

Surely everything has a heart, and the heart of the Quran is Yaseen. I would love that it be in the heart of every person of my people.
Based on this hadith, we might conclude that Surah Yasin is the spiritual heart of the Quran. This highlights the significance of Surah Yaseen and explains why it is the most important chapter in the Quran. Remembering this surah by heart was another requirement of the Prophet (peace be upon him) for his believers.

What is the Importance of the Surah Yasin?

So, Surah Yasin is highly essential in the Quran. It is a Maki Surah that was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in Makah . In this Surah, Allah Almighty’s praise is described in great depth. It mentions the six fundamental beliefs of Islam, including belief in a single God, prophethood, the afterlife, and resurrection, among others. In addition, Allah Almighty has warned unbelievers that they would be held responsible for their acts.

Surah Yaseen and forgiveness of sins

When you recite surah Yaseen, Allah SWT pardons your sins. This is essential for Muslims, since we are not perfect humans and may commit sins on purpose or by accident. In order for Allah SWT to have mercy on us and forgive us, surah Yaseen was given down to us for this reason.

As our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “One who recites Surah Yaseen in the whole night merely seeking Allah’s will, Allah Almighty would remove all his sins.”

Rewards of surah Yaseen

  • “Everything has a heart, and the heart of the Quran is Surah Yasin; whoever reads it, it is as if he has read the Quran ten times.”
  • “Whoever reads Surah Yasin in one night will be forgiven in the morning.”
  • “Whoever recites Surah Yaseen at night seeking Allah’s approval, Allah would forgive him.”
  • “Whoever continues to read it every night then dies, will die as a shaheed (martyr).”
  • “Whoever enters the graveyard and reads Surah Yaseen, their (punishment) will be reduced that day, and he will have hasanaat (reward) equal to the number of people in the graveyard.”


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