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Stories of the Prophets


These stories serve as moral lessons, guidance, and sources of wisdom for believers. Some of the prominent prophets mentioned in the Quran and their stories include:

  1. Adam (Adam): The Quran recounts the creation of Adam, the first human, his placement in Paradise, and his subsequent expulsion after eating from the forbidden tree. It emphasizes repentance and God’s mercy.
  2. Noah (Nuh): The story of Prophet Noah revolves around his mission to warn his people about the impending flood sent as a punishment. He built an ark and preached for centuries, but only a few believed and were saved.
  3. Abraham (Ibrahim): Abraham’s story encompasses his struggle against idol worship in his community, his debates with his father and community, his near-sacrifice of his son Ishmael (Ismail), and the building of the Kaaba in Mecca.
  4. Moses (Musa): Moses’ story in the Quran includes his miraculous birth, his upbringing in Pharaoh’s household, his confrontation with Pharaoh, the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, and the receiving of the Ten Commandments.
  5. David (Dawud) and Solomon (Sulaiman): The Quran narrates the stories of these kings and prophets, highlighting their wisdom, justice, and the special abilities bestowed upon them by God. Solomon’s ability to communicate with animals is often emphasized.
  6. Joseph (Yusuf): The story of Joseph is a detailed narrative about his experiences, including being betrayed by his brothers, being sold into slavery, his time in Egypt, and his eventual rise to power and reunion with his family.
  7. Jesus (Isa): The Quran portrays Jesus as a prophet born miraculously to the Virgin Mary. It narrates his miracles, preaching, and rejection by some of his people. It clarifies that Jesus was a human prophet and not divine.
  8. Muhammad: While not a part of historical narratives, the Quran mentions aspects of Prophet Muhammad’s life and his struggles as a messenger preaching the message of Islam.

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