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Istighfar and its Benefits


Most people revel in their worldly lives while ignoring Istighfar’s advantages. It is such a potent supplication that it can alter the course of events. Istighfar, also known as Astaghfirullah, is the entrance to relief and joy. Start chanting it whenever you are in trouble, and Insha Allah, it will relieve your tension, bring about serenity in your life, and make you happy.

The importance of Istighfar is that it helps you overcome anxiety and despair. Say “Astaghfirullah” when you experience sadness, upset, and frustration and when anxiety surrounds you. Astaghfiruallah is a powerful approach to calming yourself and removing worldly troubles from your body and mind. If we have depression, it may also be beneficial because it relaxes us and lowers our depression.

  1. Istighfar eases worry, and duas are granted.
  2. Istighfar unveils the door to nourishment.
  3. Istighfar unveils the gate to mercy.
  4. Istighfar unveils knowledge’s entrance.
  5. Istighfar is a productive entry point as well.

Benefits of Istighfar

Forgiveness through Istighfar is not its sole function. This wonderful prayer can alleviate our stress and sadness and boost our rizq. If you fear Allah and pray for His compassion, He will welcome you into His arms, as it is said in the Quran.

And seek your Lord’s forgiveness and turn to Him in repentance. He will grant you a good provision for an appointed term and graciously reward the doers of good. But if you turn away, then I truly fear for you the torment of a formidable Day.
Holy Quran(11:3)

Istighfar 100 Times

It doesn’t take long to say “Astaghfirullah.” There is no prescribed recitation method, although the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) instituted the practice of repeating the call to prayer (istighfar) 100 times.

He was blameless since he was the Messenger of Allah (SWT). If he continues to recite the Istighfar, there’s no reason we can’t do the same and guarantee ourselves a spot in Jannah after death.

Narrated Abu Huraira: I heard Allah’s Apostle saying.” By Allah! I ask for forgiveness from Allah and turn to Him in repentance more than seventy times a day.”
Sahih Al-Bukhari – Book 75 Hadith 319

How to perform Astagfirullah.

All Muslims must do istighfar. However, there are certain requirements for doing so. If you want Allah to forgive you for your crimes and cruelties, you must resolve never to do them again. Your apology will be meaningless if you seek ALLAH (SWT) for pardon yet continue to commit the same sin. Even though ALLAH is forgiving, if a person makes a mistake and apologizes, he should not keep making the same error since he knows ALLAH will forgive him each time.

In addition, they must feel genuine remorse for their actions to be pardoned by ALLAH. He needs to repent of his crimes and the wrongs he has committed. If your repentance is sincere and heartfelt, it will help ALLAH forgive your sins and grant you forgiveness.

The intention is very important in Astaghfirullah. If a person sets out to sin and does nothing to prevent himself from doing so, they will not be pardoned.

The Power of Istighfar.

Istighfar facilitates Muslims’ confession of guilt and atonement for wrongdoing. With Istighfar, people have the option to avoid doing anything that might cause Allah to become displeased with them. It’s a great way to relax and forget about all your problems in life for a while. It may also help us if we are depressed by reducing our anxiety and stress.

  • In addition, Istighfar helps us abstain from every vice. By continually reminding ourselves of this, we lessen the likelihood that we will commit any sin since Allah is present at all times.
  • Istaghfar alleviates worry, and duas are answered.
  • Istaghfar throws open the gates of compassion.
  • Prayers are more likely to be heard and answered.
  • Istaghfar is the key that unlocks the knowledge chest.
  • Istaghfar is the key that unlocks productivity.
  • In a nutshell, Istaghfar helps. Repeat the phrase “Astaghfirullah” anytime you’re feeling down, angry, or annoyed, or if you notice that worry is permeating the atmosphere.

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