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Issa in Quran


The case of Prophet Issa in the Quran is quite favorable. His arrival and the call to the Christian religion caused a sea change in how people viewed Allah, faith, and worship, making his birth a significant historical miracle. So, it wiped off the fanaticism of that period.

Definition of the name “Issa,” please.

The Hebrew name is Joshua was borrowed into Arabic, where it became known as Issa. Some sources trace the title back to the Greek word “Isos,” but academics have debunked this.

While Issa means “the salvation of Allah” in Arabic, Al-Eis refers to the white camel in that language. As the one who delivered his people from idolatry and led them to worship Allah, the One and Only God, the prophet Isa was given this name by Allah.

The Issa Surahs of the Holy Quran

So, one of the most often referenced persons in the Quran is the Prophet, Issa. Maryam (peace be upon her) is the only woman honored in the Quran. With a Surah (chapter) dedicated to her account of giving birth to the Prophet Muhammad.

Jesus’ (peace be upon him) miracles were so big and marvelous that they convinced everyone. Who saw them that Allah had sent this great Prophet?

Miracles of prophet Issa in the Quran

With the help of Allah Almighty, Al-Masih Issa cured the blind, cured leprosy, brought the dead back to life, and told people what was in their refrigerators and pantries.

Christians commemorate the day Allah provided for Jesus and the apostles by sending a banquet full of food and wine.

So, the Quran recounts the events of Jesus’ peaceful call to the Christian faith and the attempted murders he was subjected to by opponents of his call, in addition to recounting the miracles Allah picked out for Jesus.

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