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imam mehdi

Muslims are steadfast in their faith in the Final Judgment. On the Day of Judgment, everything of creation will be returned to face its final verdict. On the Day of Judgment, Allah will give rewards and punishments to individuals based on their deeds. Our Holy Prophet has informed the Ummah of the precursors of the Qayamat, yet no one knows when it will occur. Qayamat’s signs include the minor (Dajjal) and the main (Yajooj, Majooj, Dawn in the West, etc.) One of the most prominent indicators of Qayamat is the impending return of Imam Mehdi.

A Life of Imam Mehdi:

When there is no longer a haven for Muslims anywhere, injustice and persecution spread like wildfire, and conflict breaks out on every continent. At that time, the end of the world will be much nearer. So, at that time, Allah will send a decent man who will stop persecution everywhere and govern the world as a caliph — one world, one leader — and establish peace and an Islamic caliphate. He is Imam Mehdi, a famous leader of Islam. “The Mehdi will come to my ummah,” the Prophet Muhammad is said to have declared. My ummah will be showered with unprecedented blessings upon his return, lasting at least seven and no more than nine years. So, there will be so much food that no one will need to store any away, and so much money that whenever someone asks Mehdi (as) for it, they will respond with “Here!” Take! “.

The Strength of Imam Mehdi Armies:

So, all Muslims will rally behind Imam Mehdi, whose flag will only be recognized. Christianity, Judaism, and polytheism are the three major faiths that Imam Mehdi will have to contend with. Twelve thousand strong, Imam Mehdi’s army will be unstoppable. According to another hadith, “the number of twelve thousand can not be defeated due to quantity.” And they’ll do battle with 960,000 European troops. Under each of the 12 Christian banners, 80,000 troops will stand guard. So, Imam Mehdi will lead the Muslim community in fighting against their adversaries and bring about global peace. For the sake of Islam, Muslims will store their most prized possessions at the feet of Mehdi. It will be up to him to put an end to Dajjal.


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