We teach you the nazra of the Quran with full Qiraat and its tajweed. You can learn Quran with its Nazra and Tajweed

Quran Nazra is the most important to learn. Nazra means to read Quran verbally. So, it is important to learn Quran with its translation if everyone wants to understand what Allah is saying in the verses.

Nazara-e-Quran is the most important course we are offering in our academy. In this course, you can learn the Quran with full Qiraat and tajweed. We have experienced teachers who can teach you full concentration.

With Quran Nazra, study Quran Online (reading Quran) and become a Quran reciter with proper grammar and correct origin. It is our moral obligation to learn to read the Quran as a Muslim, and not only to read it in accordance with its commandments, and that is what you will learn in this course.

Nazara, without translation, is to recite the Holy Quran orally, and Hifz is to memorize the Holy Quran by heart. The Hifz course is primarily intended for those who have already completed Nazra-e-Quran but depending on the student’s ability, you can take this course.

If you have any reservations that the recitation of your Quran is not up to the mark, then take admission to read the Almighty’s religious book.

Quran is one of the four holy books which Allah revealed on his Prophets. Quran is revealed on the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). He (S.A.W)  is the last Prophet on earth. Quran is revealed on Him (S.A.W) 1400 years ago.