Six Kalmas

Kalma or Kalima is an assembly of a few words that is the identity of a Muslim. Kalmas is the basic principle that connects the person to the Islamic spirit. There are six Kalmas which Muslim recite at different times.

So, as a distinct group, what is known as the Six Kalimas has no roots in Islam. In all the countries where Muslims live and practice Islam, they are called the KalimaIs.

However, the world of South Asia is full of Muslims, but remembering these Kalimas by heart and knowing the meanings of these Kalimas to get God’s blessings closer is a sign of confidence.

They are helpful in finding Allah’s protection and they rescue Muslims from mistaken views and from biting back. So, using their recitations, Muslims master the art of obedience and liberate themselves from many sins.

So, here are the six Kalmas in Islam that are part of the religion of a single adult and a single Muslim.  People across the globe chant them to get rid of bad in their everyday life and kids are even told in school to read them.

However, they are not present in any of Prophet Muhammad’s Hadiths. But for some of them, the individual narratives are found.

The Six Kalimas are Muslims’ religious values around the globe. These values are followed and the moral concepts are integrated into their lives. The six Kalimas are all Qur’anic verses.

First Kalma



Second Kalma




Third Kalma




Fouth Kalma


Fifth Kalma



Sixth Kalma